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Hunting Season
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Web Design and CMS reorganization for Interactive Archery Simulator | TechnoHUNT

In 2017, the number of participants (aged six years and older) in archery amounted to approximately 7.77 million! But when either hunting season is over or gets too cold, what do people do?

That's where TechnoHUNT comes in. They are the makers of the most advanced Archery Simulator in the world.  They now have simulators in 34 states, Canada and Germany. Their goal is to have a TechnoHUNT system in every state and to expand into several other countries. 

The primary objective was to redesign and develop their preexisting website to manage their products easily and captivate new users.


UX Designer 

UI Designer

Wix Wizard

Programs Used 

Adobe Suite




4 Weeks

The Big 🦌 Game Plan

(1) Research

- Analyzed Previous Website
- Competitive Analysis

(2) Structure

- Brand Goals

- User Flows 

(3) Design 

- UI (User Interface) Kit
- Prototyping/ Web Development

(4) Iterate

- Usability Tests
- Next Steps/Launch


Oh Deer, What are we working with? 

My first step to understanding the client's vision was to check out their existing website. How is their information architecture, how is the information organized? Is it easy to learn and navigate through? How might we give their website a facelift while not losing necessary information?

Who are their competitors, and how might we learn from them?



  • Very established company

  • Provide a lot of information provide an excellent UX both on the website and in-person

  • Tournaments are streamlined


  • Website isn't very accesible



  • Monopolized the golf simulator industry

  • There are more golfers than archers in the USA (main target market)

  • Modular design product, allows easy set up 


  • technology is becoming obsolete 


Brand Goals

Technohunt has been around for 20+ years, and they have been cold calling archery ranges and hopefully selling them on a new TechnoHunt system. When the new brand strategist and I started working there, we wanted to do an overhaul of both the website and the brand identity.

Pain Points:

1. Customer Service has horrible, when users needed help they didn't respond.

2. They weren't active on social media, so not many people knew who they were or what they did.

3. Website wasn't user-friendly, it was super hard to get the right information.

4. Unorganized with products and systems sales


Can easily change & manage website

TechnoHUNT has been in battles with IP cases, and they want to be able to quickly change things the website if need be.

Restructure E-commerce management

TechnoHUNT has tons of different products that one can buy, but their current organization has cost them valuable time and energy. How might we help create a more efficient supply chain and process?

Build Brand Awareness & Trust with consumers

Increase their brand awareness, while regaining their previous/new customer trust.

Improve customer retention rate

Increase the amount of site visits and returning customers

User Flow

  • Combined the Task flow with the user flow

    • Task Flow path descends, and when it says no, it moves out​

    • If Yes, then it continues to the following task flow stack 

  • Collaborated with client and brand strategist to make sure clients' goals were being met, and we can find ways to connect the website with its social media presence.

User Flow of TechnoHUNT

 Pages to Include in Website: 

  1. Home Page

    1. Have necessary brand information (Who are they, What service do they provide) ​

  2. Experience 

    1. Show the different types of games & scenarios a player can play.​

  3. Locations

    1. How might people easily find TechnoHUNT systems nearest to their site?​

  4. Tournaments

    1. Make a dynamic page that is easy to manage and create new tournaments.​

    2. Get people excited about entering.

  5. Systems

    1. Give necessary information about the system.​

    2. Provide a way to finance system

  6. Shop

    1. Allow customers to shop for replacement parts​


Doing something different, but keeping brand message the same

Before starting at TechnoHUNT, they already had colors and a logo to go off of, so we ended up using what they already had to help keep the brand consistent throughout. I made sure that we were using the color red to highlight points of primary & secondary interest. With that design decision, I helped guide the user through the website.


Prototyping/ Web Development 

I used Wix to make TechnoHUNT's website:

  1. Wix's is very well structured.

  2. Easy management of one's events and products.

Throughout the whole process I have the best interest of the user & clients needs. At hand-off, I know that the client will run and manage their website. My main goal was to make it as easy as possible for TechnoHUNT to manage their website.


Usability Tests Findings

1. Had difficulties finding locations near them.

2. Scared of the price tag ($35,000) and were wondering why it was that expensive.

3. Enjoyed the new look and said that "Looked like an actual company."

TechnoHunt | Any game, any time.

Check out the Difference!!!

What has come out of it?


  • Generated a 10% increase in system sales.


  • Increased brand awareness by 80% between legacy site and the new design.


  • TechnoHunt plans to roll out Tournaments to all 300 stores by Fall 2021!

Final Product
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Voth Productions | Web Design & Development

black-mockup – 45.png

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Mirror | E-Commerce Website


Let's Hang | End to End Mobile App


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